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Adam’s Story

Name: Adam Stevens Age: 39 Age when diagnosed: 2 weeks (originally suspected ToF) Condition: Transposition of the great arteries. How has having a heart condition impacted on your mental health? It’s given a schema of life that is both incredible powerful and also fragile. It has encouraged me both to follow my passions but also […]

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David’s Story

Name: David Makinson Age: 54, born May 1964 Age Diagnosed: Soon after birth at The Middlesex Hospital, London – the child of a single mother who wished to put me up for adoption. How has CHD affected your mental health? In a nutshell, having a life-long heart condition places the mind on a ‘flight or […]


Liza’s Story

Name: Liza Morton Age: 41 Age Diagnosed: At birth Condition: Congenital heart block and a surgically fixed atrial septal defect (ASD) Growing up, I tried to focus on the positives but we are our stories and mine emerged from difficulty. My heart condition is hidden so most of the very bad stuff happened when no […]


Emily’s Story

Name: Emily Sterling Age: 24 Age when diagnosed: 6 weeks old Condition: Bicuspid aortic valve, mixed aortic valve disease (aortic stenosis and regurgitation) In February 2015 (just after my 20th birthday) I had open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve and ascending aorta which had become ballooned over time. I am young and active […]

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Roderick’s Story

Name: Roderick Skinner Age: 77 Age when diagnosed: 44 Condition: Triple bypass and replacement of defective (congenital)  aortic valve with a mechanical heart valve. How has having a heart condition impacted on your mental health? The contemplation of heart surgery had the effect of my focusing on my own mortality. I was convinced that the […]


Susan’s Story

Name: Susan Manley nee Millard Age: 66 Age when diagnosed: Before 1 year old Condition: Three holes in the heart and faulty Tricuspid valve How has having a heart condition impacted on your mental health? We were the experimental generation and there was no information about survival (I was not expected to reach my 2nd […]


Izzy’s Story

Read an Extract from Izzy’s original post… My Open Heart. I started to walk faster, legs shaking, and sheer panic overtook my entire body. As fast as my shaking legs could take me, I stumbled down the escalator of Oxford Circus station, attempting to get home. I carried the ‘panic attack’ label the doctor had […]


Campaigning in Scotland

We are working with service providers and relevant stakeholders to improve health care provision. On our behalf, as our voluntary Scottish Campaign Manager, Dr Liza Morton sits on NHS Scotland’s Scottish Congenital Cardiac Advisory Board & their working group for developing standards. In 2012, Liza submitted a petition to the Scottish Parliament asking for improved care and […]

GLASGOW Nightrider 2019

NIGHTRIDER™ GLASGOW 2019 Date: 22/23 June 2019 Distance: 50km or 100km REGISTER NOW  After the success of the inaugural Glasgow Nightrider in May 2018, the iconic charity bike ride is returning to Scotland in 2019. You can be a part of this special cycle challenge! Taking place throughout the night, Nightrider is a charity ride […]