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Compassion it

Cultivating self compassion. Compassion is the concern for pain and suffering, whether our own or someone else’s and, most importantly, the desire to relieve it. Compassion can be given to yourself or others. Generally we are very good at showing compassion towards other people but somehow find this more difficult in relation to ourselves Research […]

Counselling Support for Children and Young People

Here are some options you can explore to find  counselling and psychological support near you. Youth Counselling Services: Based in your local area, sometimes run by the local authority or by a charity. These vary across the country and in the age group that can access the service. Some will go up to 24 years, […]

Ways into Relaxation

Anxiety is part of life and a feeling we all experience. A little anxiety can help us perform well at tasks and can bring about a heightened alertness that can be useful in situations where we might need to take care of ourselves. Too much anxiety can, at other times overwhelm us and interfere with […]

So What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a mind-body approach that has become popular to help people manage anxiety, stress, recurrent depression, pain and long term medical conditions. Mindfulness has its origins in Buddhist and Eastern Traditions drawing on meditation techniques. Mindfulness can be used as a spiritual practice but in the mental and physical health context it is non-religious. […]