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Data leads the way

The Newcastle Freeman Hospital department of Paediatric and Adult Congenital cardiology serves a UK region of just under 3 million people (5% of the total UK population). All congenital abnormalities are recorded on the region’s NORCAS (Northern Congenital Abnormality Survey) database and details of patients and outcomes are held on the departmental database. Access to […]

My life on Warfarin

I have been taking the drug warfarin since I was just six months old. I’m now 23, and when I tell people I take warfarin, they are sometimes confused and shocked. Why would a seemingly healthy 23 year old woman be on a drug commonly associated with elderly heart care? Having had a Fontan procedure […]


Getting older with CHD – Part 2

“acquiring” other conditions This is the second of two articles Written by Dr Leisa Freeman, Consultant GUCH Cardiologist, and Toni Hardiman, Specialist GUCH Nurse GUCH Clinic Norfolk & Norwich University NHS Hospital.  These articles originally appeared in issue 68 (spring 2012) and issue 69 (summer 2012) issues of GUCH News In this concluding chapter on […]

Clinical Research for Congenital Cardiology

From a patient perspective, the concept of being involved in clinical research may be daunting, disconcerting, and unsettling but, equally, it can be rewarding to have the opportunity to increase the knowledge of how best to manage their condition. Congenital cardiology patients (those born with a heart condition) are often excluded from clinical trials and […]


You need an MRI scan of your heart

Written collaboratively by Jonathan Upton, adult congenital heart patient and Helena Francis, Adult Congenital Heart Clinical Nurse Specialist at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust Perhaps these words are familiar to you. Being told by your cardiologist that you need a cardiac MRI scan can evoke feelings of apprehension, even great fear for some. Recently […]

What is an Echo

Written by Jo Quirk, Cardiac Nurse Specialist at Leeds General Infirmary A transthoracic echocardiogram (commonly known as an echo) is a scan of the heart using a machine, a probe and gel. The probe is placed on the chest wall and ultrasound pictures are taken of the heart. Electrodes (ECG) wires on the chest record […]

Managing Your Heart Condition

Since the first diagnosis of congenital heart disease, medical care and treatment have advanced, and many patients are living longer and healthier lives into adulthood and old age. All adults living with a heart defect should talk with a cardiologist regularly throughout their lives about treatments, medicines, and the ongoing and long-term care for their […]

Ensuring the Best Standards of Care

Adult Standards Advisory Group This is writing a set of standards for the NHS in England which more clearly defines the care which should be provided for adults with congenital heart disease. It has representatives of all the national medical professional bodies as well as those from the NHS and legal support to ensure the […]


Big Six Research

DONATE TO THE BIG SIX CAMPAIGN Thank you for joining our fight against congenital heart disease. The Somerville Foundation (TSF) has always worked hard to improve the lives of people who were born with a heart condition. We have a vision of the world where every congenital heart condition is treatable and patients live full […]