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Know Your Heart Beat

Know Your Heart Beat Heart Rhythms An abnormal heart rhythm is referred to as an arrhythmia. More than 700,000 people in England alone are affected by an arrhythmia (Department of Health, 2005). An abnormal heart rhythm can cause some people to feel unwell or anxious. Some are more serious than others. Some people may not […]


Exercise Research

We are all aware that exercise is good for us and in the general population, exercise is recommended for everyone to help maintain a healthy weight, keep a normal blood pressure and maintain physical fitness.  We have seen the strength of the cardiac rehabilitation service in the UK for patients following heart attacks and the […]

Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary Hypertension The Somerville Foundation (formerly GUCH PA) has joined forces with Pulmonary Hypertension Association UK (PHA UK) and Down’s Heart Group (DHG) to call for the needs of people co-diagnosed with a congenital heart condition and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) to be addressed in the ongoing NHS review and designation of adult congenital heart […]


Ebstein’s and me

Ebstein’s and me by Margaret Smith I was born in 1952 and diagnosed with Ebstein’s Anomaly at birth. The prognosis was that I would not survive with this condition. I spent my first few years in and out of Sully Hospital in South Wales. During this time I underwent two lots of cardiac catheterisation. The […]

Ebstein’s Anomaly

Ebstein’s Anomaly Fiona Kennedy, GUCH Nurse Specialist at London’s Heart Hospital explains the condition Ebstein’s Anomaly, its associated valve problems and the pioneering new surgery describes Margaret Smith in her accompanying article, “Ebstein’s and me”. Ebstein’s Anomaly is a rare condition that affects the tricuspid valve, which is on the right side of the heart […]

Ten Good Reasons To Exercise

Ten Good Reasons To Exercise By Beth Greenaway Recent media coverage has shown that only a small percentage of the population in the UK gets the recommended amount of exercise each week. We are rapidly turning into a nation of overweight, sedentary (non-exercising), unhealthy individuals, who display many of the risk factors for acquired heart […]

Male Health Issues

Male Health Issues By Antony Horner A talk was delivered by Dr Lucy Roche, a registrar at the Royal Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, at our Annual Conference in September 2006. As this is a subject not widely covered, Antony Horner, our website specialist, very kindly took notes for GUCH News. Dr Roche started by outlining […]

Monitoring Excercise Intensity

Monitoring Excercise Intensity By Beth Greenaway Following on from the last article on beginning an exercise programme, I am going to introduce you to methods of monitoring your exercise intensity so that you will be doing your heart the most good. The Talk Test The first, and least accurate, method of monitoring exercise intensity is […]