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Antibiotic Prophylaxis Against Infective Endocarditis

Find the attached leaflet containing information regarding Antibiotic Prophylaxis Against Infective Endocarditis, which has been supplied by The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP).  The BCCA (British Congenital Cardiac…

Patient Representatives wanted - Congenital Heart Disease Network

The North West, North Wales and the Isle of Man Congenital Heart Disease Network is looking for passionate and motivated patient representatives.  See the below for further details.  For additional information and details on how to apply…

Getting older with CHD - Part 2

"acquiring" other conditions This is the second of two articles Written by Dr Leisa Freeman, Consultant GUCH Cardiologist, and Toni Hardiman, Specialist GUCH Nurse GUCH Clinic Norfolk & Norwich University NHS Hospital.  These articles…
MRI Scan

You need an MRI scan of your heart

Written collaboratively by Jonathan Upton, adult congenital heart patient and Helena Francis, Adult Congenital Heart Clinical Nurse Specialist at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust Perhaps these words are familiar to you.…
Echocardiology Screen

What is an Echo

Written by Jo Quirk, Cardiac Nurse Specialist at Leeds General Infirmary A transthoracic echocardiogram (commonly known as an echo) is a scan of the heart using a machine, a probe and gel. The probe is placed on the chest wall and ultrasound…

Managing Your Heart Condition

Since the first diagnosis of congenital heart disease, medical care and treatment have advanced, and many patients are living longer and healthier lives into adulthood and old age. All adults living with a heart defect should talk with a…
Pharmacist holding box of tablets

Am I entitled to free NHS prescriptions?

The prescription charge in England is currently £7.65 (April 2012). For residents of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland there is no charge for prescriptions. Make sure you don't pay for your prescriptions, if you don't have to. You can…

Travelling as a GUCH Patient

GUCH patient and The Somerville Foundation volunteer Sophie has travelled extensively and is passionate about seeing the world. She has developed a positive, practical approach to planning holidays and here, with the help of some of our members…
travel insurance

Travel insurance

Finding Travel insurance is a must if you are considering travelling abroad possibly the most important thing you need after your passport. The travel insurance market can be a minefield, especially for those with an existing medical condition,…

Coping With Medical Procedures

Written by Dr Sara O'Curry, Chartered Clinical Psychologist Who wouldn't get anxious before a medical procedure? Biologically speaking, a procedure is a threat (someone moving towards you with a sharp object) and we are designed to respond…

Know Your Heart Beat

Know Your Heart Beat Heart Rhythms An abnormal heart rhythm is referred to as an arrhythmia. More than 700,000 people in England alone are affected by an arrhythmia (Department of Health, 2005). An abnormal heart rhythm can cause some people…

Patients' Experiences of Waking up in Intensive Care

Patients' Experiences of Waking up in Intensive Care Intensive Care can be perceived as somewhere you will only find yourself if you are very sick. I invited GUCH patients and their relatives to share their memories of the intensive care units…
Doctor checking heart rate of female patient

Getting older with CHD. Part One

This is the first of two articles Written by Dr Leisa Freeman, Consultant GUCH Cardiologist, and Toni Hardiman, Specialist GUCH Nurse GUCH Clinic Norfolk & Norwich University NHS Hospital.  These articles originally appeared in issue 68…
Baby holding mothers hands in a heart shape

Born with a Heart condition

What is a congenital heart condition? Congenital means 'from birth'. A congenital heart condition is an abnormality of the heart that has been present from birth. A congenital heart condition is sometimes also called 'congenital heart disease'…
Heart next to a microphone

Annual Conference London 2018

We very much hope that you will be able to join us for our Annual Conference which this year will be held at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. As always we will do our best to support your attendance. If you are currently unwell or have…

What is it like to wake up in Intensive Care?

The intensive care unit (ICU) is an area of the hospital that is unfamiliar to many people. As a congenital heart patient, the prospect of a stay in intensive care is a real one. As intensive care nurses, we would like to share with you what…
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Living with a pacemaker

In GUCH News (issue 72), patient and member Kulsoom Akbar shared her story with us. Kulsoom, now aged 25, had her first pacemaker fitted at just 17 months. Growing up with the device, Kulsoom has encountered many issues, but has also embraced…


****This article was first published in GUCH News issue 73 Summer 2013.****   Mr James Barnard, Consultant in Cardiothoracic Transplantation, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester Dr Clive Lewis, Consultant Cardiologist and Transplant…

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