The heart has long been a symbol of our emotions.

Supporting our emotional health is just as vital as looking after our physical health, perhaps even more so if living with a congenital heart condition. Hospital stays, repeated medical procedures, changes in health and uncertainty about the future, all have an impact. It’s natural to have strong feelings in response to health challenges.

This section has a range of resources to offer guidance and support across the diverse emotional issues facing members: from depression, to dealing with anxiety and panic, plus issues relating to coping with surgery and deterioration in health.


Dealing with depression
Traumatic stress and PTSD
Managing anxiety
Preparing for and coping with surgery
Improving sleep
Coping with deterioration of health
An exploration into psychology - could you benefit?
Overcoming your fear of needles

Contact our free Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.

Please contact our Mental Health and Wellbeing Service. We offer 1:1 telephone and email support, have a wealth of information on emotional and mental health issues, and can help put you in touch with local resources and services.

Richard Bird our Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator is available, if you or a family member, would like to talk through any worry or concern you might have in relation to your emotional or mental health. He can be contacted at: or via our Helpline 0300 015 1998.

Other sources of help

Urgent Help for Depression

If you need help now because you feel despairing or suicidal please contact The Samaritans Helpline on 116 123. 

Available 24 hours a day, it is free of charge for calls from mobiles and landlines.


They have a wealth of support information and resources on mental health issues


Anxiety UK is a national registered charity for those affected by anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.


Breathing Space Scotland offers an accessible first stop and listening service for people who are feeling down and depressed.

Northern Ireland

Aware Northern Ireland aims to support people who are experiencing depression.


In Wales the Community Advice and Listening Line, Mental Health Helpline can put you in the right direction in getting local help and support.

Call our heart helpline for confidential heart-to-heart support.
0300 015 1998

Ways to support your emotional wellbeing


    Connect with the people around you, family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Fostering these relationships helps build a sense of support and community.


    Exercise helps boost our mood. Find ways to get moving which are enjoyable and suit your heart health. Check with your doctor or nurse if you are unsure what’s appropriate.


    Be curious. Savour the slow moment, whether you are out and about, eating lunch or talking to friends. Be aware of the world around you and what you are feeling. Reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate what matters to you.


    Try something new. Rediscover an old interest. Sign up for that course. Learning new things helps build confidence as well as being fun.

  • GIVE

    Do something nice for a friend, or a stranger. Look outwards, as well as inwards. Seeing yourself, and your happiness, linked to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding and creates connections with the people around you.

Inspirational Stories

Call our free heart helpline for confidential heart-to-heart support.
0800 854 759

How can you help us?


With your help, we’ve helped fund new and improved treatments for congenital heart disease. we opened the UK’s first dedicated Congenital Heart Research Centre. we’ve organised receptions at the House of Lords and House of Commons, a film première, concerts, parachute jumps, marathon runs, annual sponsored walks and masquerade balls. we ensure that adult CHD patients enjoy access to every opportunity, are free from discrimination, and are fully supported throughout their lives. we’ve staged annual conferences, regional patient information days and workshops throughout the UK. we’ve published a range of leaflets for CHD patients on a wide-range of topics. we’ve launched a Freephone patient helpline to provide practical advice, a listening ear, and emotional reassurance at times of stress. we’ve created online networks where congenital heart patients can connect with each other. we successfully applied for a Comic Relief grant to help develop mental health support services. we’ve contributed to adult congenital heart disease nurse training days and taken part in various study days and conferences for medical and health professionals. we’ve established a benevolent fund for members who are in financial hardship. we’ve organised residential weekends and outward bound holidays for teenagers and adults, providing congenital heart patients with the opportunity to meet and gain support from each other.

Just think what else we could do if you donate, fundraise or volunteer for us.


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