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We are delighted to announce that we are currently working with INGA Wellbeing to ensure that adult congenital heart disease patients have the opportunity to wear comfortable clothes that look entirely normal during any long term stays in hospital, while not worrying about IV lines, monitors and MRIs or X-rays.

INGA Wellbeing was founded by Nikla and Claire, after they had both seen the way in which regular hospital gowns can negatively impact the way people feel while being treated in hospital when Claire’s mother, Diana and Nikla’s mother, Inga were being treated for cancer.

“Having supported our mothers, as well as friends and colleagues, through medical treatment and, as a result of Nikla’s own experiences as an in-patient, we were convinced that clothing adapted to the realities of medical devices and frequent examinations could boost patient’s mental and physical Health. And when we spoke to nurses and looked at the research, this conviction was confirmed.”

Ensuring that patients can wear attractive and comfortable clothing is their mission. By joining forces with talented fashion designer Fiona it has become a reality. With the addition of Christine to the INGA Wellbeing team, we hope to get the message out far and wide that patients no longer need to accept the humiliating and awkward status quo. Instead, they can choose clothing that is fit for purpose and beneficial to their physical wellbeing, as well as looking great and being wonderful to wear.

“Having experienced the grim realities of hospitalisation up close, both as patients and as carers, we are passionate about ensuring that those needing medical care can keep their dignity, independence and confidence. We firmly believe it is possible to dress ‘well’ even when unwell.”

Our work with INGA Wellbeing means that every member of our ACHD community will be able to receive a discount of up to 15% off any order they place using discount code TSF at the checkout. The Somerville Foundation will also receive a proportion of the order amount, so that we may continue to support young people and adults born with a heart condition.

To place your order, visit INGA Wellbeing here:

If you would like to collectively purchase clothes for a loved one or arrange for loved ones keen to support you prior to a hospitalisation there is the functionality on the site to arrange for everybody to chip in so that you don’t have to take the time collecting the funds – to find out more about this option, click here:

Claire from INGA Wellbeing recently interviewed our Voluntary Scottish Campaign Manager, Dr. Liza Morton, discussing her experiences living with congenital heart disease, and being the youngest person in the world to be fitted with a pacemaker.

“I have complete congenital heart block which means that the electrical signal that drives my heartbeat is blocked between the top and bottom chambers of my heart. To compensate I was fitted with an external pacemaker when I was just four days old and when this seemed to work a pacemaker was surgically implanted to my heart. At 11 days old, I was the youngest baby in the world to undergo this treatment at the time and my ongoing care has been experimental.”

To read the full interview, click here: