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The Somerville Foundation Research Policy


The Somerville Foundation (TSF) welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with researchers, when their research is likely to benefit patients, and the patient’s participation will be empowering, rewarding and pleasant.

We have recently launched our Big Six Campaign so that in the future we will be able to make grants towards research funding. We are also happy to join you in writing joint bids to funding bodies.

Conditions of participation


Research proposals will need to:

  1. Have been passed by the researcher’s own ethics committee.
  2. Include a brief risk assessment. This should demonstrate that possible risks to patients have been considered and that appropriate steps have been taken to manage those risks.
  3. Be recommended to TSF’s board of trustees by the National Director.
  4. Be approved by TSF’s board of trustees.

Please approach The Somerville Foundation in good time to allow this to happen (usually a minimum of 3 months).


All those involved will have volunteered in full knowledge of what is expected from them.

Patients will understand:

  1. Why research is being undertaken.
  2. Who it is for.
  3. How the results will be used.
  4. Patients will have full access to the research findings.
  5. Patients will have their own personal expenses fully covered.
  6. Patients will be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect at all times.


Please call The Somerville Foundation on 01473 252007 or email to discuss ways to support your research.

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